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Sophia circle family

sc009The Sophia Circle Family is an initiative to provide a platform for individuals who hold an esoteric view on Christianity, while simultaneously valuing the sacramental tradition.  Each individual may belong to some or other church organisation or be independent. However, the Sophia Circle Family regards each of its members as operating autonomously and does not bind any of its members to any dogma, doctrine or practice. The Sophia Circle Family is primarily a non-prescriptive circle of sharing and helping one another without necessarily having to agree with any particular creed or practice.

Membership to the circle is open to all who subscribe to the general outline provided in the paragraph above. The circle is an open forum, meaning all are free to join or to leave the family at any moment in time, without any obligation to provide reasons.

Within the Family is contained a circle of bishops, persons consecrated into the Apostolic Succession prepared to assist one another and provide Episcopal Support inasmuch they are willing and able to do so.

The gatherings are public, meaning that all are free to attend, whatever their clerical or secular status.

The Sophia Circle Family held its first international meeting in June 2007 in Hilversum, Netherlands, the second in July 2008 in Slovenia, the third in July 2009 in Slovenia and the fourth in Black Mountain, North Carolina in August 2014. The next international meeting is being planned for 2016 in Europe, probably in June or July somewhere in the Netherlands.

Bishops in the esoteric tradition